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We’ve seen self-storage in the Asia-pacific region grow and evolve over the past 20 years. When you partner with us, you get all that experience and everything we learned from it. We believe that technology can transform and add value to self-storage. Our solution partners share our vision. Find out how we put the ‘self’ in self-storage.

Designed to streamline storage management, from booking and managing to invoicing

Storeganize is a leading provider of storage management software solutions. With Storeganise, businesses can automate their bookings, billings, and access management to run unmanned facilities.Storeganise helps operators reduce errors and improve efficiency.

Use Zendesk to handle all enquiries and streamline your ticketing system

Zendesk provides a comprehensive set of tools to aid businesses in enhancing their customer support operations. It enables companies to manage customer inquiries from multiple channels, including email, chat, social media, and phone, in a single platform. Zendesk facilitates unified communication with customers while boosting efficiency and lowering overhead costs with automation features.

  • Automate repetitive actions with triggers and macros
  • Omnichannel – Manage inquiries from all channels in one central view
  • Build a self-service knowledge center to deflect frequent questions

Build a self-service knowledge center to deflect frequent questions

Estimating the correct unit size is the biggest challenge for new customers. It isn’t easy to visualize how everything will fit inside. It is also one of the most common inquiries by customers. A storage calculator is a powerful tool to deflect those questions and help customers self-service.

  • Accurate size estimates within seconds
  • Easy to integrate on any website and mobile-friendly
  • Lets your customers see how their items will look when stored

Unlock even more value from Zendesk

SweetHawk provides a suite of top-rated Zendesk apps that greatly expand functionality. SweetHawk applications can be used to build workflow & automation processes to enable many use cases that might not otherwise be possible.

  • Get insights with deep-reaching CSAT surveys
  • Create timers on tickets for any time-based use case
  • Create various follow-ups and future tickets when you need to reach out to a customer in the future

Planning, tracking, and collaborating on a project have never been this easy and simple before

With ClickUp, you can plan, track and collaborate on any project while keeping all necessary tools in one place. You can build various workflows and stay on track to meet your project goals – every time.

  • Integrate all your favorite PM tools in ClickUp
  • Customize hundreds of features; no code is needed
  • Set goals, track progress, and manage resources more effectively with detailed reporting features

A worlds first chat commerce for self-storage

Our app is available to help your customer find the perfect self-storage unit and complete the contracting process all through LINE, WhatsApp or your favorite messaging platform.

  • 3minutes to sign up

  • Easy set up for you and your customer

  • Reach a wide range of customers

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