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Self-storage on autopilot: a modern all-in-one solution for powering operations

Owning a self-storage business is a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. From managing customer inquiries, tracking unit occupation rates, to billing, our innovative software streamlines your operations and reduces errors. With our software, you’ll get more done in less time – and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with efficient, hassle-free self-storage management.

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We remove the unnecessary obstacles that interfere with the day-to-day of your business

Our goal is to drill down and understand your self-storage needs, pitfalls, and pains. By identifying the root cause of the issue, we can develop a plan to set up your business efficiently, ensuring that all inquiries are addressed and payments are processed.

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Automated systems that help your business grow

Our automation solutions offer improved efficiency, accuracy, and productivity while reducing costs and minimizing human errors.

Reduce overhead costs

Automate and hand over the repetitive tasks to your robot-employee. Leave your human-employees free to focus on complex inquiries.

Reduce the risk of
human error

Make booking and billing errors a thing of the past. Automating these processes will ensure that they are handled accurately and efficiently.

Lower customer effort

Our intuitive processes get the customers to the solution in a few simple steps. Less effort for them means more customer satisfaction for your business.

Self-service support centers

Turn your FAQs, past tickets, and knowledge base into a support center that is available 24/7 and doubles as a tool to train new agents.

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Our solutions cater to all the common pain-points

Endless Excel spreadsheets, no visualization of data, high manual effort, and stacks of papers – We understand your pain points.

We’ve been there – scaling a business is hard!

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We have a lot of manual data entry and high manual work effort.


Many repetitive, time-intensive tasks, such as sending out scheduled email messages, can be automated. We have a wide range of automation tools that help significantly cut down on manual effort in running your self-storage business.


Our contracting process is complex and requires a lot of paperwork — no online signup.


Use Storeganise’s built-in automatic, paperless, and contactless signup. The customer can select from a list of available units, provide their credentials and sign the lease agreement electronically.


Our time-consuming, manual payment processes are prone to mistakes.


Automatic invoicing in Storeganise will generate and send an invoice to the customer at a pre-set date. If the customer provided credit card details during signup, the system could bill their card without requiring manual input.


We cannot easily visualise monthly data for each store and must send paper-based reports to the owner.


Integrated and connected 3rd party tools that provide market insights, marketing data, and pricing information and automatically generate and share reports digitally.


Our old, custom-made PMS technology doesn’t integrate with 3rd party add-on solutions.


Our self-storage management solutions are built on cloud-based platforms with modern, open API. You can integrate supplemental solutions with minimal effort.

We’ve been there – scaling a business is hard!

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A happy client

Storeganise’s standard automatic emailing function has automated and made paperless certain staff tasks like calling or sending letters for unit reservations and monthly billing notifications. This has also led to a reduction in employee work hours and related costs.

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